shoppeSMITTEN has proudly teamed up with BOGG Ministries to create our exclusive Dayton, O. merchandise. If you live in Dayton, you've probably seen our designs around town. BOGG provides mobile meals to communities throughout Dayton, and with BOGG, $1 .00 = 2 meals. That means that with the purchase of each shirt, $10.00 is given to BOGG, which provides 20 meals in Dayton! Give back and represent your city at the same time!
From the inception of our partnership in fall of 2016, until spring of 2018, over 15,000 meals have been provided via Dayton, O. product sales alone. That. Is. Incredible!! 
Each shirt is hand-printed in Dayton by Four Ambition, with the hidden message printed on the inside of the shirt so that you can share the story! Shirts available in unisex tees, sweatshirts, women’s tanks, and childrens tees and onesies. Buttons & stickers are also available, providing 1 & 2 meals per purchase.
New - BOGG coffee, sold by the pound in whole bean, is locally roasted by Reza's Roast and ethically sourced from Nicaragua. 

Post images of your Dayton, O. merch on Instagram and post using #WeAre937 and #feeddayton.
Thanks for feeding Dayton, looking cool, and giving towards the things we love and believe in.

For more info on BOGG Ministries, please visit

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tees & tanks

We proudly now have two Dayton, O. designs! Our original circle design, and our new 2017 Gem City skyline design. Both graphics were created by Alex at Wolfbomb Creative. Gem tees are printed with teal and white, while the women's tanks are printed with teal and light pink. Both designs can be found in our unisex tees and women's tanks, with the hidden message on the inside.




We now have our exclusive Dayton, O. design in childrens tees and onesies. Each item is priced to still give $10 to BOGG, so your kiddo just provided 20 meals in Dayton! That's a lot of pureed bananas and tater tots!




Rep Dayton with your Dayton, O. buttons and stickers, both providing 1-2 meals in Dayton. Stickers are strong vinyl for indoor and outdoor use. Buttons available in a two-pack of each color combo.